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FOUSE Furry Internet Radio

USA Furry Fandom Radio Station
Host(s) Rycon Bamaisin, Sage Bamaisin
Update schedule Hiatus
Launch date July 2010
Genre Various

FOUSE Furry Internet Radio is a East Coast Steampunk furry internet radio that broadcasts on the Pacific/InWorldz/Second Life time zone. FOUSE started broadcasting in July of 2010 originally for the Relay for Life of Second Life community and later the Relay for Life of InWorldz community. Even though FOUSE was created in 2010 and has slowly built it's audience, it's still considered to be up and coming. The goal has always been to help out the fandom wherever it can and heavily believes introducing Steampunk music is it. FOUSE is owned and operated by Rycon Bamaisin and his wife Sage, and is a member of the Furry Broadcasting Network.


Due to political disagreements with the broadcast relay hoster, FOUSE Radio has been on hiatus since 12/30/2016. If the station presents itself it will be worked on again

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