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Furry News Network
Furry News Network

Author(s) Webmaster: Markos
Status Ongoing
Launch date 7 January 2011
End Date 1 April 2015
Genre News

The Furry News Network (FNN) was a collaborative news blog edited primarily by Badwolf. The site included profiles of artists, conventions and furmeets, plus a collection of YouTube links to furry media coverage. As of mid-2011, around half of its content was syndicated from Flayrah, furryne.ws, and various podcasts. The site also hosted Grubbs Grizzly's "Ask Papabear" advice column from January-May 2012.

The site was very active in 2011, with over 770 stories posted including significant original content. However, activity decreased at the end of the year; as of mid-May 2012, no stories had been posted for a month. Reposting of feeds subsequently resumed; Kijani's bi-monthly fursuiter interviews continued until May 2013.

The website suffered a hack at the end of March 2015, and its closure was announced on April 1, 2015, with Markos citing health issues.[2]


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