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FLEF or Fórum de Líderes de Eventos Furry (In English: Furry Events Leadership Forum) is a group founded in 2017 with organizers of furry fandom events held in Brazil. The group, which mainly meets on the Telegram, exchanges experiences and information with the aim of improving the organization of furry related events, as well as promoting their dissemination in social networks.

To be part of the group, the event must be open to everyone, have a venue reserved for its iteration, deliver badges or gifts to the attendees and have the expectation to be held periodically. Each event can add up to 3 of its members to join FLEF.

FLEF was strongly based on FCLR, the Furry Convention Leadership Roundtable - an international group that brings together furry conventions from around the world.

The first actual FLEF meeting took place during Brasil FurFest 2017. The members of the group met for a lunch and also took a picture together during the closing ceremony wearing their event T-shirts.


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