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Califur (edit)
Califur 0 (2004)
Califur 1 (2005)
Califur 2 (2006)
Califur 3 (2007)
Califur 4 (2008)
Califur 5 (2009)
Califur 6 (2010)
Califur 7 (2011)
Califur 8 (2012)
Califur 9 (2013)
Califur 10 (2014)
Califur 2015
Califur 2016
Califur 2017
Califur 2018

Califur Diego
Califur Train

Califur staff
Califur guests of honor

FENEC Adventures is the parent organization of the Califur series of furry conventions.

"FENEC" is an acronym for Furries Enjoying the Natural Environments of California and was originally planned as a furry campout that eventually evolved into Califur 0.

Califur operated as a nonprofit organization from Califur 0 until Califur 4.[1] After Califur 4, they failed to file for nonprofit status, and so converted to a "not for profit" organization instead.[1] Despite claiming to have paid taxes and passed three audits since Califur 4,[1] FENEC Adventures is listed as "FTB Suspended" by the California Secretary of State office.[2] This status means the organization was suspended by the Franchise Tax Board for failure to meet tax requirements[3] and cannot legally transact business in the state of California[4].

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