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Furry Convention Leadership Roundtable
Status Ongoing
First iteration 30 April - 2 May, 2010
Subject Furry

The Furry Convention Leadership Roundtable (or FCLR) is an annual convention held for the organization of furry conventions in the tradition of SMOFcon in the science fiction fandom.


Following several years of discussion with the senior staff of various furry conventions, Takaza J. Wolf organized the first FCLR. The intention was to create a relaxed atmosphere where various topics of convention running could be discussed in a roundtable format. Topics of discussion would range from convention marketing to hotel contract negotiation to events organization to the vagaries of incorporation. To prevent the discussion from being dominated by any one organization, the decision was made to have no more than three representatives from each convention (and their significant others), though it was up to each convention which staff members to invite.

The original intention was that, like SMOFcon, each year a different group or organization sponsors the event, and the location will rotate throughout the United States and Canada. Following FCLR 2010, the decision was made the attendees to adopt a two-year rotation schedule instead. Invitations to the event are sent to every furry convention in the United States and Canada with an attendance of more than 100 people.

FCLR 2010[edit]

The first FCLR was held at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Lincolnshire, Illinois from April 30 - May 2, 2010. It was attended by representatives from Anthrocon, IndyFurCon, Furry Connection North, Midwest FurFest, RainFurrest, and the Dorsai Irregulars. Topics of discussion included: Construction of feedback surveys, Hotel negotiations, working with the media, membership suspensions, A/V setups and how to best utilize them, budgeting and financial management, age and minor issues, convention marketing and branding, and convention horror stories.

FCLR 2011[edit]

The second FCLR took place at the same Hampton Inn and Suites as the prior year from April 29 - May 1, 2011. It was attended by representatives from Anthrocon, IndyFurCon, Midwest FurFest, Further Confusion, Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend, and the Dorsai Irregulars. Discussion topics included: Anatomy of a Public Relations Issue, Making the Media Work for You, Where and How to Market Your Convention, and Dealer's Room and Artists' Alley: A Dealer's Point of View. Many side discussions arose on the topics of elevator management, techniques for badging minors, writing an effective Code of Conduct, and convention emergency procedures.

FCLR 2012[edit]

The third FCLR was held at the same Hampton Inn on July 13-15, 2012. It was attended by representatives of Anthrocon, the Dorsai Irregulars, FurDU, Further Confusion, IndyFurCon, Midwest FurFest, MNFurs (Cat Days?), Rainfurrest, and Anime Central. Discussion topics included:

  • How To Pick a Theme and Guests of Honor,
  • Identifying Leadership Qualities in Staff and Volunteers,
  • Dealing With Staff Problems,
  • On-Site Communications: Reaching Staff/Reaching Attendees,
  • Con Creep: Is The Six-Day Con Coming?,
  • Social Responsibility for Conventions, and
  • Fandom Leadership and Mentoring.

FCLR 2013[edit]

FCLR 2013 will once again be held in Lincolnshire, IL. The date for the event is still being determined.

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