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FAU 2016 was the ninth iteration of FA: United, and was be held over August 12-14, 2016,[1] at the Hyatt Regency Dulles in Herndon, Virginia, USA.

The convention had 539 attendees and raised "just over $4k" for their charity.[2]


The theme is "Masquerade of Beasts", and the guests of honor were Patto and Lumaberry.

Event facts[edit]

The event moved from Whippany, New Jersey to Herndon, Virginia.

Event Staff[edit]

The convention staff for FAU 2016 are listed as being:[3]

  • Con Chair: Dragoneer
  • Vice Chair: Sciggles
  • Director of Dealers Den & Artist Alley: Chase
  • Director of Security: Frost (Assistant Director: Hengstolf)
  • Director of Registration: Glaide (Assistant Director: Derf Dragon)
  • Director of Events: AsiaNeko
  • Director of Operations & Volunteering: Yuuki (Assistant Director: Trpdwarf)
  • Director of Gaming: Jack Pandasnake (Assistant Director: Rockaway)
  • Director of A/V and Main Events: Protocollie (Assistant Director: Dobie Tanpaw)


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