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This page is about the music collective. For the Wisconsin furry convention, see Fur Squared.

F2 (formerly known as DIJ) is a collective of furry musicians and artists from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Band history[edit]

The band started in the spring of 2006 after Jason "Dros" Horsley, Alex "Ironklaw" Mason and Jayson "Kupo Nutz" Rosehart recovered from an evening of partying and started fooling around with some sequencing software. Kupo Nutz quickly threw together a bad hip-hop loop and then Dros came up with the idea to call the song Sex Hornet and make it about a couple of local furries that the three knew and didn't care much for. Inspired, Ironklaw began writing lyrics to it and their original song Sex Hornet was born.

They called themselves DIJ (Dros Ironklaw Jayson) and decided that as an added joke, they'd all speak in bad Scandinavian accents. One such conversation was recorded and added to the beginning of Sex Hornet and that running joke became one of the most recognizable features of the group. The group only produced one more song, a comedic 20-second loop called Diddler before changing their name to F3 (after discovering an Oregon metal band with the name DIJ). No-one in the band could agree on what F3 stood for, so they decided it would stand for nothing whatsoever. However, shortly after the name change was made, Kupo Nutz was fired from the band due to personal and creative differences. The name was changed to F2 to reflect the number of members in the band.

While DIJ was a novelty group, writing tongue-in-cheek and often insulting songs, F2 decided to go for something a little more serious, ditching the mediocre Scandinavian accents and changing the overall tone of their music. After all, novelty music is fun to produce, but there was a looming fear that any serious effort made on the part of the group would not be taken seriously. Also, they wanted to focus on other sorts of media to increase their appeal (such as art, animation and even possibly music videos). They tossed ideas back and forth but soon hit a creative slump and produced absolutely nothing for almost a year.

In the spring of 2007, a common friend and roommate of the remaining members, Adam "Spaz" Giles presented them with a rudamentary piece of music he was working on. Over the next few hours, the three experimented with different sounds and whatnot to add to it and gave Spaz some ideas to work with. He expanded on the song and, to date, Ironklaw has started writing lyrics to it. That's when the idea of making F2 a collective of furry musicians came to be. Each member brought their personal tastes in music to the table. Ironklaw's brought his love for rock and industrial dance music to the drawing board, Dros brought his Trance influences and Spaz brought his own mellow composition style to the collective.

F2's music[edit]

To date, they have only completed one song as F2. Ironklaw has a few songs released on both his Fur Affinity and MySpace pages. Their first song has been titled "Aftermath" and is a dark, spoken word piece over an electronic backing.

Current members[edit]

  • Alex "Ironklaw" Mason - Sequencing, Production, Mixing, Guitar, Bass, Vocals
  • Jason "Dros" Horsley - The Idea Guy, Concepts, Artwork, Occasional Vocals, Rants
  • Adam "Spaz" Giles - Sequencing, Production, Mixing, Composition.