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This board is sometimes confused with another image board known as FAP, the Yiff Image Board.

F.A.P was an 2ch style art community for the posting of erotic furry art located at Yiffstar.


F.A.P used the global Yiffstar registration and a database-driven forum instead of the usual *chan-boards. It did not have a Do Not Post list per-se, but instead preferred linking with auto-generated thumbnails rather than the direct attachment of files to posts. It used a system called "Thumbnailizer" to avoid causing excessive traffic bills for the artist websites, thus reducing the traffic incurred to a maximum of one image download per day.

Images could still be uploaded directly to F.A.P, but only if the artist had given prior permission to do so, on a Do Post list. Permission to upload attachments was given on request, and the only requirement was for the user to write a PM to Toumal, stating that he/she had read and understood the rules (which boil down to "don't upload art without permission from the artist"). Artists were free to upload their own works.


F.A.P. was deprecated by the shutdown of Yiffstar and its replacement with Sofurry in December 2009.


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