The Evangeline Experience

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A virtual band, similar to Gorillaz , that makes appearances in the under development TV series +Seraphim+. They were created by artist/musician Viethra.

Band Members[edit]

The members of the band are Evangeline Chloe Gabriel (lead singer,lead guitar), Julian Kalinakov (Bassist,Back-up Vocals), Ezekiel Rhames (Organist), and Vanessa Heart (Drums).


The bands name is an obvious nod to The Jimi Hendrix Experience.


The band does a mix of Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, and Alternative. The line up of real-life artists depends on the song, but there is a consistent presence of ultra harmonized female vocals and progressive organ. There is also a lot of Jimi Hendrix style guitar in the mix.


Their (in universe) albums include Part of That World, Dragon Tears, and Fearful Symmetry.


Here is a description of the lead singer, in the context of the story:

“Evangeline, from the animated series, +Seraphim+. One of the few anthropomorphic characters in the story, Eva (for short) is an incredibly talented and successful musician. Her best selling album (Dragon Tears) , in the story, sells 437,892,000-odd copies as an international release, following her 79,000,000 copy album (Fearful Symmetry). Her first album (Part of That World) didn’t even chart at first, but eventually hit 200,000,000 copies upon re-release after Dragon Tears had a success. These numbers are in the context of a 15 Billion world population.