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Extvia is the internet screen name for an artist from The People's Republic of China who mostly specializes in anthropomorphic art of various genres.
He is arguably most famous for his cyberpunk "SYNC" series, and his portrayal of the five 2008 Olympic mascots.


Extvia was one of the three members of the art studio "Team Mixill" from 2003 to 2007. Extvia's duties on the team included character and world design, painting, and English translation of Team Mixill's two main projects, "inter.Natal" (IN) and "Equa" (EQ). After Team Mixill broke up in 2007, Extvia started his own projects reflecting the themes of the two main mixill projects. SYNC and Oasis were created; SYNC being comparable to the futuristic theme of inter.Natal, and Oasis being comparable to Equa.[1]

Extvia is currently a member of Black Rabbit Studio (Heatwo), and site administrator of www.heatwo.com.[2]


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