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Tyson Tan (born August 29, 1984) is a concept artist from the People's Republic of China who mostly specializes in furry and mecha. He speaks Chinese, English and Japanese.

Art style[edit]

Kiki the Cyber Squirrel, one of Tyson's typical android character

Tyson Tan draws mostly cute characters. His art style combines the features from both Japanese anime kemonos and western cartoon furries. He is very good at drawing mecha with organic shapes. He draws Female characters mainly.


It is observed over the years that Tyson Tan has the following obsessions:

  • Mecha. His unique animal-based androids are arguably his signature works.[1]
  • Rabbits. He drew lots of rabbits. His avatar is a rabbit android named Cloud.[2]
  • Athletic bodies. He posts characters with athletic bodies every now and then.[3]
  • Free culture. He only uses Linux and Krita to draw these days, even though they break his stuff all the time.[4] He works voluntarily for many FLOSS projects, donated thousands to Krita Foundation and designed 2 mascots for such projects. He licenses his artworks under Creative Commons most of the time.

Electric Hearts[edit]

Electric Hearts is one of Tyson Tan's pet project. It features sci-fi android characters based on animals. Further detail is still unknown, almost 20 years after he announced it. He still posts concepts about this project every now and then and claims he is still doing the writing part. Despite of this, the project appear to have some cult following.


Oasis is Tyson Tan's other pet project. It features more traditional furry characters in a modern setting, but with unexplained fantasy and sci-fi elements. He is much less enthusiastic about this project, though. There has been no update to this project in years, and some of its key characters begin to show up as Electric Hearts characters. It's unclear what he is going to do with this project.

Notable works[edit]

Tyson Tan's notable works include:

  • Electric Hearts (personal project, explained above)
  • Kiki the Cyber Squirrel, mascot of free and open source digital painting app Krita.[5]
  • Konqi, mascot of KDE, the free and open source software project and community, as the re-designer.[6]
  • Freedom Planet 2, as the character designer (and apparently not limited to that).[7]


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