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Exile Huscoon (born December 17, 1981 in St. Marys, Ohio) is a furry from Celina, Ohio, residing in Bensenville, Illinois. His fursona is a "huscoon", a cross between a husky and a raccoon. He also has a second character, Casanova, who is a red panda.

Exile is an avid sports fan who enjoys watching baseball, American football, and ice hockey. His favorite sports to play include softball, tennis, volleyball, and dartball. He is a fan of the Chicago Cubs in baseball, the Green Bay Packers in American football, and the Columbus Blue Jackets in ice hockey, and the Ohio State Buckeyes in college athletics.

Exile is an alum of The Ohio State University with a bachelor's in Actuarial Science. While at Ohio State, he also worked for the university's athletic department as an intern for the Big Ten Network and was a broadcaster for Scarlet and Gray Sports Radio. Exile is licensed by the OHSAA and IHSA to officiate American football and baseball. He has been umpiring baseball since 2001 and officiating American football since 2008.

Exile owns a fursuit of his primary fursona, constructed primarily by Arend Studios.

Exile is an active member of the Lake Area Furry Friends and co-founder of the Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas.

Exile won the charity Texas hold 'em poker tournament at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2007.

Exile is the Director of Programming at IndyFurCon. He previously worked on staff for Midwest FurFest and Furry Connection North.

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