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EvilSquirrel (sometimes known as Thrax; born January 25th 1986) is a furry artist and fursuiter who lives in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, England.[1] His fursona is a red and purple squirrel.

EvilSquirrel is a regular attendee of the NorthernFur meets that take place near Cheshire county, including Chester, Liverpool, and especially Manchester furmeets.


EvilSquirrel is a red squirrel with a part-white muzzle, blue eyes, and purple swirls in his tail. His character's personality is bouncy and playful, which is often portrayed in his fursuiting activities, such as his many dancing videos posted on YouTube. In his artwork, he has been shown in situations where he is submissive, and others where he is dominant upon his partners.


In 2008, EvilSquirrel commissioned Joecifur of B3Mascots to create a partial fursuit of his squirrel fursona. EvilSquirrel's fursuit made its debut at the September 2008 Manchester mini meet,[2] whilst his first fursuit walk at a main NorthernFur meet happened that same month in Liverpool.[3] Since then his partial has made a regular appearance at Manchester, often captured on camera partaking in silly antics such as humping a tree[4] and being caught getting carried away whilst a television crew were filming a charity piece with UK children presenters Dick and Dom for Red Nose Day.[5]


EvilSquirrel enjoys creating furry artwork, both hand-sketched and on the computer with his graphics tablet. The squirrel's artwork style consists heavily of blending, burning, and dodging colours, which are observable when he creates body muscle tone.


RBW 2008 was the first convention attended by EvilSquirrel, where he spent time fursuiting and sharing a dealers den table with Little Wolf, selling artwork. He has a ticket for ConFuzzled 2009.


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