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Zack the Zangoose on FA

EvilPurity, more commonly known as Zack, is a furry artist and member of the furry fandom. He has two different fursonas, one on deviantART and another on Fur Affinity. He has also made several different story characters.


Of Zack's two fursonas, the one most-used is Zack the zangoose on Fur Affinity. Zack was turned pokémorph after being abducted by Team Rocket and becoming the victim of a cruel experiment. Since escaping the Rocket facility, Zack has adjusted to being a pokémorph and is beginning to enjoy it. He has also discovered his true sexual preference, bisexuality.

Shean David is Zack's fursona on deviantART. Shean is a black and white wolf with blue hair and red tips. He is brother and best friends to the characters Mark David and Gordy Scott.


Zack has made two fully functional characters that he uses repetitively with his fursona Shean.

  • Mark David is the younger brother of Shean. He is a red panda. Zack was adopted into his family at a very young age, and it is almost like the two are blood brothers. The two are an unbreakable team, and they would gladly give their lives for one another. Mark happenes to be gay, and Gordy's lover.
  • Gordy Scott is a common-variety garden snake. Gordy was living down the street when Shean was adopted. After Shean broke the ice the two began an unbreakable friendship. Soon after meeting Shean, Gordy began to meet the rest of the family. He and Mark quickly became good friends, and Gordy slowly began to realize that he might be falling in love with Mark. Hoping that it would strengthen their relationship, Gordy came out to Mark. Mark accepted him and even came out himself. The two are now gay lovers.

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