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EvilCat, also known as Katemare, is a Russian Pokémon and furry fan. She is an administrator of Russian Pokemon League and the Russian WikiFur.


The pokesona that represents EvilCat in the pokecommunity is non-anthro dark blue ("black") Persian, a puma-like pokemon. This character first appeared in a role-playing event in year 2000. As a fan of Monster-training RPG subgenre, EvilCat likes all sorts of creatures and animals. Her favorite creatures include, but not limited to, Felidae, raptors, hyenas, bats, sharks, weres, unicorns and dragons.

Real life[edit]

EvilCat is a game-designer by profession, freelancing since 2006. She was the lead game-designer of several projects, the most successful of which is "Zveriki" (rus. for cute animals), a mix of social network and pet simulator. It received "Best Online Videogame 2009" award at the annual Russian Game Developer's Conference.[1]

Her other hobbies include reading, watching movies, writing, drawing and travelling. She also likes toys, plushies, figurines and action figures.


EvilCat has been criticized for her controversial decisions, low community involvement and stubbornness. For example, her decision to move the PokeLeague's semi-erotic artworks to a hidden subdirectory, one click away from the main fanart. Rules allowed only the mildest, work-safe erotica, but didn't prohibit homosexual themes (such as male characters kissing). This decision was criticized by both erotica fans ("too much restraints"), and erotica haters ("pictures should've been deleted").


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