Everybody Hates Her

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Everybody Hates Her
Everybody Hates Her
Author(s) Glenda Bixby and Panik EVlynn Bedlam
Update schedule Wednesday
Launch date 2011
Genre furry noir, drama, some adult-oriented content

Everybody Hates Her is a furry webcomic produced by Panik EVlynn Bedlam and Glenda Bixby. The comic debuted in November of 2011, and it is updated every Wednesday. Each update is a full-page panel. The comic has been collected into a self-published, printed zine. As of June 2012, issue #1 is available and issue #2 will debut at Anthrocon.

Panik Bedlam writes: "Everybody Hates Her is a stark examination of friendship in the crucible of harsh circumstance. Our story follows Bixby, a fallen nurse, who strives to find a place in a world where she feels she no longer belongs, seeking virtue but often derailed by the baser temptations offered by this world. Her only ally is an eccentric pawn shop owner, Panik, [whose] conflicted life of vice makes their path to salvation a difficult one.

"Using contemporary symbolism and shojo anime styling to convey a dark world of crime fiction noir; it is an expressionist piece serving to create, not an analog to the real world, but a philosophical examination of the world we create for ourselves. Using an unusual combination of artistic styles, Everybody Hates Her hopes to create both a touching and visceral experience."