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Eurofurence e.V.

Eurofurence e.V. is a registered[1] social organization based in Cologne, Germany,[2] founded in 1998 to finance and organize European furry conventions such as Eurofurence. However, it is not limited to any specific location, and has many international members among its staff and volunteers.

Eurofurence e.V. has been responsible for the operation of the Eurofurence series of conventions since Eurofurence 5 in 1999.


As of June 2011, the organization had 39 members. The membership is formed of both active and passive (associate) members; the latter may vote after two years.[2]


General assembly[edit]


  • If the organization's assets are less than €5 per member upon liquidation, it will all be donated to the Berlin Zoo.[2]


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