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Eurofurence (edit)
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Eurofurence 5 was a European furry convention that took place from 22 to 25 July 1999 in Berlin, Germany. 117 participants attended the event at the Jugenddorf am Müggelsee youth camp.

That particular site caused much dismay among convention attendees, both for the shabby GDR-style cabins present and the bad food served by the site staff. Due to a messup on the site owner's account, it also had not been rented exclusively to Eurofurence. The individual cabins were in various states of disrepair, with reports ranging from people nearly getting electrocuted in the showers to mattresses that suspiciously smelt of urine.

The direct beach access to the Müggelsee lake was acclaimed by congoers, however the mostly overcast weather prevented most attendants from taking a swim.

The convention staff barely managed to avoid a financial disaster, breaking even on the very last day of the convention. This was one of the main reasons for founding the limited-liability Eurofurence e.V. later that year.

Guest of Honor[edit]

The Guest of Honor for 1999 was Lisanne Norman, the author of the Sholan Alliance series of novels.


The rubbish truck being towed
  • Foxstar and Unicorn were the winners of the popular vote for the T-shirt design contest.
  • One of the unplanned highlights of the convention was a rubbish truck operated by the municipal waste collection agency, BSR, which sunk into the soft lawn due to convention attendee's cars blocking the paved road to the site. The truck was stuck in the soft ground for several hours and eventually had to be retrieved by a specially equipped BSR vehicle using a winch.
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