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Eurofurence 3 was a European furry convention that took place from 21 to 24 August 1997 at Bodstedt, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in Germany. 59 participants attended the event, which was the first Eurofurence to be organized by Cheetah.

The convention took place in a former GDR youth camp, a site that was organised by Raschkar on short notice, after the original post-EF2 plans to hold EF3 in Bingen, Germany turned out to be the pipe dream of a single person, and nowhere near feasibilty at all. The convention site held the typical East European charm (something to later find its match in Eurofurence 9, described by Uncle Kage as Stalinesque gas chambers) . It was the first one to have a separate art show and dealers room in one of the outlying buildings of the convention site (actually a gymnasium). The convention also had a darkened video room, which, due to the high outside temperatures (35+ degrees Celsius), earned itself a number of nicknames.


  • Thomas Mezösi and Terrie Smith were the winners of the popular vote for the T-shirt design contest.
  • The convention received press coverage by the Ostsee Zeitung.[1]


  1. Internet-Fans begegnen sich in Bodstedt (includes translation by Cheetah)
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