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Eufuria Mini-Con
Eufuria Mini-Con logo

Status Ongoing
First iteration July 22, 2023
Organizer(s) Society for Capital Region Events and Entertainment, Inc.
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Eufuria Mini-Con resources

Eufuria Mini-Con is a furry mini-convention taking place in Troy, New York, USA. The convention self-describes as an attempt to bring a furry convention back to the Capital Region of New York, where Anthrocon, the third-largest global furry convention[1], was founded.[2]



The first Eufuria Mini-Con occurred on July 22, 2023 at Cafe Euphoria.[3] Events included panels and meetups, gaming, a vendor hall, a fursuit parade, and furry themed food and drink menu over three floors in the historic downtown of Troy, NY.[4] Eufuria Mini-Con saw 65 attendees after selling out due to fire code restrictions in the venue. [5]

Joy, the Eufuria Mini-Con mascot. Art by Xe-li.


Eufuria Mini-Con's mascot is Joy from Troy, a purple raccoon with a sprout on their head. The mascot was designed by Gio.[2] The name was decided by random drawing of suggestions from attendees at Eufuria 2023.


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