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This is an article about a defunct convention. For topics that share the name, see Eufuria.

Eufuria was a convention proposed to be held for the first time 4-6 June 2010 at Frederiksdals Hotel & Conference Center outside Copenhagen, Denmark.[1][2] The intended venue was a rural area, right next to the lake Fur and surrounded by hills, woodlands and fields, as well as being close to Frederiksdal castle and the country manor of Marienborg.

Eufuria was cancelled. "The Eufuria team" wrote on the convention website: "Due to some unforeseen circumstances we have sadly been forced to cancel it, but we plan to return sometime in the future, probably 2012."[3]

The convention chair was Pinky Fox.

Proposed events included a dance with a DJ, Dealer's Den and Artist Alley, and fursuiting events. The 2010 convention theme was to be "A Walk in the Park", and the convention would include events connected to this theme such as a guided walk through the forests around the venue as well and a fursuiting outing to the amusement park of Tivoli Gardens.

The name is a play on the word euphoria.


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