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Esqui (real name Chris Hancock, born 4th December 1987) is a furry who resides in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK.


Esqui's fursona is a red squirrel. In art, it generally is coloured as a bright red, as opposed to the orange-red colouring of real squirrels. His fursona is identifiable by its long hair, and a black stripe down the back and tail. Esqui is generally considered to have an optimistic and happy, if stereotypically hyper personality (which reflects Chris' real life personality).

In the Fandom[edit]

Esqui is a regular contributor to the UKfur forum. He also draws occasionally, but doesn't consider his art of any merit. He joined the fandom in the first part of 2008, choosing his fursona before he became actively involved.

Real Life[edit]

Chris was born in Bournemouth, and has also lived in Southampton between 1995 and 2003. He was a student at Southampton University until February 2009, studying Mathematics and French. He also works in the Bournemouth area as an administrator for an electronics retailer.

Despite his location, Esqui has often associated more with the Northernfurs, having been to more meets there than with the local Hantsfurs.

In June 2009, Esqui moved to the Boscombe area of Bournemouth, sharing a flat with his partner, DanFox Davies.

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