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Esichs as a human

Esichs is a furry who plays Second Life.


He joined Second Life in 06 and soon after found a calling in the FurPleasure sim as a Dancer and eventually as part of the security detail for the sim. Right now Esichs still occasionally dances and once in a blue moon will DJ (his preferred genres are heavy metal, alternative and experimental rock, and industrial) Esichs has been with FurPleasure since shortly after its creation as a sim, how ever, some time after the death of AOD Enigma (and partially the reason for it) Esichs grew depressed and began seeking fulfillment in Role Play. Soon after Esichs resigned from his position on the staff and administrative list to role play full time, occasionally visiting the sim to check up with his friends and see how the sim was changing. Much to the joy of the older members, Esichs returned, full time, to dancing and his security duties in March of '08 and has been there ever since. He still role plays off and on.

By 2009, Esichs had left the Fur-pleasure community.


Esichs has three common forms but would not be described "in game" as a shape shifter, as he does not see himself as one. He simply has three forms, each worn depending on what he feels like wearing. The most commonly seen form these days is his neko. A tall lean human body with tan skin, tribal design tattoos on his chest arms and back, dirty brown hair that sweeps over the front of his face, red and green eyes with a black baking, and a matching set of ears and tail- dark blue with black spots. In his neko form, his clothing tends to fall under "punk" and "street" often times forgoing a shirt to show off his upper tattoos. Occasionally his clothing falls into the "underworld Matrix" style of leather. His second form, and possibly his most rare is his human. This form is the same as his neko, but wiht out the ears. Esichs tends to only wear this form when role playing in a sim that doesn't allow morphs of any kind. Lastly, his morph form is a buck-naked black and red inverse tiger (modified luskwood creature avatar) sporting a black body with red stripes.