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Esco Dingo, also known as See the Mutt or See (born August, 1988), is a furry artist, fursuiter, and fursuit builder who lives in the United States.[1]

Esco has a bachelor's degree in Studio Art and minors in Biology and Spanish. Her interest in anthropomorphic art started at an early age, but she discovered the furry fandom around 2005 and eventually joined Furtopia under the name "See". Since then she has built four fursuits, attended conventions, and volunteered in suit for various organizations.


Esco's fursona (referred to as either See or Esco interchangeably) is a female coydingo, a coyote/dingo crossbreed. She is tan, brown, and cream-colored. She has five brown spots on her cheek in the shape of the Southern Cross, with five matching white spots on her back. Esco's mutt heritage reflects her Australian and Hispanic background. Her personality is adventurous, curious, friendly, mischievous, and silly.


Esco has built four fursuits, and, as of June, 2012, owns one.

  • See v. 1 was a partial suit built in late 2006, when she was a husky mix. She debuted at Midwest FurFest 2006, and is now in the possession of another owner.
  • See v. 2, was built in early 2008 (also when she was a husky mix) and debuted at AnimeCentral 2008. She, too, is now in the possession of another owner.
  • Kyeema Kangaroo was a partial suit with a full wig, built in early 2007 and debuted at AnimeCentral 2007. She is now in the possession of another owner.
  • Esco is Esco's personal fursona. She was finished in January, 2012, debuting at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2012.

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