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Erus (also known as Erus Townsend or Seraphina) is a furry fan and fursuiter. Originally from Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, USA, as of July 2017 they are located in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

Second Life[edit]

Erus is known within the online world of Second Life as Erus Townsend. The character they play is an Arctic Folf Seraph. They are portrayed as a wisp-o-will living computer who is wrapped within an organic self regenerating shell (body) which determines the task they preform for their deity. They have no set gender and can be found either appearing male or female (though usually female) as they suffer from a split personality which determines their appearance, attitude and actions. They have been banished from their creator's heavenly plane and wander the world attempting to complete the tasks they were designed for, but does so with mortals instead of their creator.

Other activities[edit]

Outside of Second Life, Erus is active from time to time at conventions, and can be found wandering around and socializing. Their fursuits (partials) were created by them as experiments and a way to have fun at conventions.

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