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Pornography (abbreviation: Porn. Also known as Pron, Pr0n or P0rn) is a word commonly used to describe sexually explicit imagery in artwork, photography, film, and writing. In its original definition, it meant "writing about prostitutes" and was derived from the ancient Greek term for a writer who chronicled the lives of prostitutes. The word was first used in English in the 18th century.

The exact scope of what is called pornography is not well-defined: some people would classify all nude figures as pornography, while others only consider photographed or filmed sex acts pornography. Most people take a more moderate approach, considering the intent along with the content of the work. A common method for deciding if a work is pornographic ("obscene") is the Miller test.


[edit] Pornography and furry

Within the furry fandom, most explicit artistic or written depictions of sexual acts are considered "pornography", and such material is common and, by most part, freely available. Images or descriptions of single characters or groups of characters not explicitly engaging in sex acts but prominently displaying sexual organs (especially in a state of arousal) are also often considered pornographic. Pornography featuring furry characters is called furry porn, adult furry material, or yiff art.

A wide variety of online furry art and writing archives (both free and paysite based) offer pornographic art and stories to the public, such as Fur Affinity, Inkbunny, SoFurry, Weasyl and the VCL. Some, such as U-18Chan, Fchan, PlayMouse and the Yiff Image Board are specifically intended for the showcasing of "furry porn." Age-restricted areas are popular in furry MUCKs,[citation needed] and the first adults-only furry MUCK, Tapestries MUCK, is the most popular furry MUCK by attendance.[citation needed] Similarly, Furrabian Nights is one of the most popular areas in Furcadia,[citation needed] and mature themes areas are common in various furry themed sims on Second Life.

[edit] Furry porn's sexuality and content

[edit] Sexual leanings

Furry pornography is often stereotyped as homosexual in nature. This is not always the case, though the percentage of bisexual or homosexual furries appears to be higher than that in the general population. A detailed survey[1] by Tevildo of postings to the fur.artwork.erotica newsgroup between April and December 2001 revealed 45.6% of pictures to be "gay" themed and 48.9% to be "straight" (heterosexual) themed.

[edit] Sex and species

Furry pornography commonly depicts species popular among the furry fandom, as many furry porn artists enjoy depicting their own personal fursonas in sexual activity,[citation needed] either with a fantasy mate or the fursona of a person to whom they are attracted in real life. Some pornographic artists draw generic characters as well, though these are usually species chosen for their sexual characteristics or stereotyped promiscuity, such as foxes, wolves, and horses.

[edit] Subject matter

Fetish imagery catering to various paraphilias seems to appear with significant frequency in furry porn. BDSM, vore, pregnancy fetish, costume play, infantilism, inflation, rape fantasy, and other fetishes are often depicted in furry pornography, though the characters engaging in these fetishes are invariably anthropomorphic animals. Transformation, in which humans turn into animals or furries transform into a different type of furry, is also popular in furry porn and regular furry art alike. Mental control or transformation permanence may be established through orgasm.[2][3][4]

Most of these fetishes are not specific to the furry fandom, but merely furry expressions of them. While fetish porn is frequently attested to be unusually common in furry fandom — one of the complaints of the Burned Furs was its perceived popularity — it is, again, impossible to obtain a precise percentage of fetish pornography compared to other forms of furry pornography.

[edit] Controversy

Often, members of the fandom and critics alike speculate that adult content makes up the majority of the fandom. The opposite point of view, voiced particularly in 2 Sense shows, claims that this is caused by the cognitive bias: since pornography is not tabooed in the furry community, its relative percentage may be even smaller than in the mundane world, but the fact that it gets more exposure makes it appear to be a larger chunk.[citation needed]

No scientifically credible estimates of the exact ratio of pornographic content to family-friendly content in the furry community exist to date. A rough estimate from conventions which allow adult content in such activities as art shows and charity auctions and auction sites such as FurBid-SF suggest a proportion of 25-40%, with a higher proportion of mature publications and 2D artwork than sculpture and other constructed art.[citation needed]

Fur Affinity, arguably the largest furry art site, published monthly statistics up until 2009 (FA LiveJournal) which consistently showed clean artwork outnumbered pornographic artwork by orders of magnitude.

[edit] Legality

There are no laws which specifically reference pornography containing anthropomorphic characters most likely due to its recent appearance. Some jurisdictions have laws regarding bestiality and extreme pornography which could be applied in court to convict anyone possessing 'furry porn', but there is no precedent for this. A case in Wales involved a 47-year-old man accused of transmitting obscene porn involving Tony the Tiger. The case was dropped when the procurator discovered that the clip was considered 'humour' instead of being entirely pornographic material[5]. Cub pornography (depicting furry children) may be classified as child pornography by some governments; however, this is also legally ambiguous, as most legislation assumes that "people" are human.

[edit] Furotica

Furotica, also known as furry erotica or furry pornography, is a term for sexually explicit or sexually suggestive art and stories featuring anthropomorphic animal characters.

The term is ambiguous in the sense that it is unclear whether it applies strictly to the creations of writers and artists within the furry fandom, or whether it could plausibly include such cases from outside the fandom as the Greek myth of Leda and the swan (in which the god Zeus transforms himself into a magnificent bird for the sole purpose of engaging in sexual intercourse with a mortal woman). Furthermore, if sexually suggestive pin-up drawings of furry characters fall into the furotica category, this raises questions about how some images could possibly escape that categorization: Minerva Mink's vampy routine on the children's show Animaniacs, for example, or Bugs Bunny's highly suggestive behavior in his many onscreen appearances in drag.

Furotica comprises a large percentage of all furry art. This has led to many non-furries' first interaction with the fandom being an encounter with sexual material of varying quality and content. This interaction, sometimes called "squicking the mundanes" (a phrase also in use among science fiction/fantasy fans, and not just for erotica) is considered to be a prank of sorts, but most often the mundane simply stumbles across furotica while seeking something else.

Furry erotica is not thought well of by some outside the fandom itself. In The Geek Hierarchy, Erotic Furries (sic) are ranked just below Furries as a whole, and just above "Star Trek fanfic, written as furry erotica, with Kirk as an ocelot (or something), and the author being the star and his own personal furry as well."

The definitions of erotica and pornography hinge upon our notions of arousal, taste, the beautiful, the grotesque, and the disgusting; and furotica, as a concept and as an array of artistic creations, is ripe for serious analysis, criticism, and debate. This is not to forget that its primary purpose is of course enjoyment.

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