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Ermitis Oase is a sister chatland of Wolfhome created June First 2013.

When UnderDog (the creator and owner of Wolfhome), made it possible for other chatlands to be created, users SpontaneousBeauty and Bluu (Owners); recently quitting responsibilities on Terravore(another chatland) due to political instability and disagreeing with other administrators, came together to create a whole new chatland based on a tropical paradise, to create a peaceful and layed-back chat room site for users 13 and older. On the site all animal types are allowed to be used as poses to roam around a landscape background. With the chat client, users can chat with each other, as well as edit their 'sniff'(a profile type page', and various other features.


  • June First 2013 - Ermitis Oase was originally founded by the users Bluu and SpontaneousBeauty, along with a few other users who helped including Jess. For about a month the chat was slowly being set up. The majority of the art being created by Bluu, or donated by other artists. The chat was new and administrators were being sought for, as well as other artists to help make the chat successful. The goal for the owners was to open the chatland to the public July First 2013.
  • July First 2013 - Once a suitable amount of art to supply the chatland, as well as administrators, Bluu and SpontaneousBeauty opened the chatland to the public. At first the chatland wasn't successful, so it was closed again about a month later. It needed more pose sets and art to be pleasing to the public eye. After more art and rooms were donated or created the site went up again about a month later. Slowly gaining popularity throughout the year.
  • Later 2013/May 2014 - Soon the chatland was bursting with users, at one point having 80 online. It became the third most popular chat for a while when Lupinar(another chatland) was closed for renovations. The forum was also highly active and many users looked to it for updates, news, and information. Early spring 2014 Bluu was notified about the behavior of her co-owner and friend, SpontaneousBeauty, and had to take measures to ensure the well-being of the chatland. Bluu and a majority of the administrative team at the time felt that SpontanousBeauty should resign due to personal problems and her behavior on chat. SpontaneousBeauty caught wind of the 'rebellious' rumors(soon before the one year anniversary of the chat) and demoted everyone involved who was against her as well as closing the chatland and removing all art made and or belonging to Bluu. Bluu and the administrators on her side started to create a new chatland concept called Sirisola, and were planning on purchasing a 'dead' chatland from a resigned owner and bring it back to life. There were several failed attempts at buying a 'dead' chatland, due to complications with prices and plain negotiating. SpontaneousBeauty soon gave the chatland back to Bluu and made Bluu the sole official owner, after a few administrators left her and she no longer felt a passion to work with the site.
  • Summer 2014 - The Ermitis Oase chatland is slowly turning into Sirisola. Bluu decided to keep her new concept and change the chatland. Moving on from the past and into a new era. The administrative team from the old Ermitis Oase and Sirisola combined and now a strong team is putting together the chatland, including Bloodiath, Bluu's right hand alpha. All new rooms, pose sets, and art is being created for the chat and will be open to the public soon after all the updates are complete. A new forum has also been created, as well as banners to advertise, and even attempts to fund raise have been started.
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