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Rika, also know as RikaPup on many sites, (born 1989) is an anthropomorphic artist in the fandom, currently living in texas with her husband, Noctome. Rika's also a known pokemon artist, collector, and fanatic. She's known to bring large quantities of pokemon merchandise to conventions she attends, as well as run panels centered around the pokemon fandom.



Rika has been drawing all her life, and has been interested in anthropomorphic art since she was twelve. Her style is mainly a smooth mix between toony and realism and works mainly with digital art. She has been known to attend TFF, FWA, and RMFC.

The Character[edit]

For several years Rika was portrayed as a gray and purple wolf, until early 2010 when she retired that sona and created the present Rika, a tan and cream pomeranian.

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