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Ericjf87 is a furry on IMVU commonly known as simply Eric. Eric started with IMVU in August of 2006 at the age of 18 as an unknown norm coming in with the wave of new immigrants from all over the web. With an interest in the mob, Eric tried teaming up with good friends who have since retired from IMVU, jackveretti and gofather, to start an organization of their own on IMVU. This so-called mob disbanded soon after due to jackveretti's technical computer problems. During the attempt at "mob creation," Eric randomly met up with his high school friend kamuro711 who helped him become furry. To this day, Eric is still a furry who is fairly well known throughout the IMVU furry community and still hopes to one day be the leader of a furry mafia.

Eric is currently mated to o0obeeotcho0o (Bee)

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