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This is Eric's Fursona using a big headphones.

Eric McCloud (born February 10th 1998) is a furry artist/cartoonist, sound editor, animator and software programmer. He lives in Los Ángeles, California. He first joined on YouTube in June 2007, when he joined deviantART under the username, "Eric-McCloud".

He also has accounts on Fur Affinity, under the name of "Eric-McCloud".


His main fursona is named Eric. His form is a Wolf character whose species is canin. He pointed out once on deviantART that he made up his fursona inspired on Vent-Kazemaru's styles. Often he's said to be a sort of Husky/big dog character.

His form is often recognizable by his scars and his Aqua Blue Fur.

Animation Project[edit]

This is the cover of Paw Power Vol. 1 Manga.

Eric announced on his Facebook, DeviantArt and FurAffinity in April 17th, 2014 that his character will appear on an animation. He has announced that Eric (Wolf) will be the main character of a full-length TV Shows. Originally Eric was going to give birth to his TV Shows on November 15th, 2014, but he had an unexpected setback due to lack of time and lack of dubbers, so he still does not have a specific date for the release day of the first episode. The first season will feature a total of 18 episodes of approximately 23 minutes each one.

He has already shown some previews in their animations, Eric will include characters from the popular anime series, Sailor Moon, he will that furries and humans work together on a same team.

His TV Show will take the title Paw Power His TV Show will contents Magical, Romantic scenes, Moderated Violence, Paw Power was rated a TV show suitable for ages 18+.

Paw Power will include his Manga/Comic Book version.

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