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Eric Hinkle (Ardashir) is a furry fan and writer from the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. A "self-educated son of a steelworker", he has extensive knowledge of history — ancient Persian, Mesoamerican, and local — as well as of the Pennsylvania Dutch folklore of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

His only published furry fiction (in Yarf) was the first of his "Ardashir the Fox-Wolf" series, semi-furry sword-and-sorcery heavily influenced by ancient Persia. He takes his fan name from the character.

Another unpublished series is fully-furry Mesoamerican sword-and-sorcery (or rather macahuitl-and-nahualli). A third writing project is a non-furry contemporary-fantasy novel based on actual local history/legend and "powwow" folk-magic traditions.

He currently resides in Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA (just to the north of Allentown/Bethlehem).

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