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Eric Djingarey, also known as FoxCoon, FurryFoxCoon, and AnkoCoon (born October 2, 1983,) is a avid furry artist and 3D modeler.


[edit] Fandom involvement

Most of Eric Djingarey's media can be found on several non-furry (such as deviantART) and furry art sites. He also translates and maintains an archive of furry webcomics ("bandes dessinées") such as Closet Coon and Oh Cielos.[1]

[edit] Fursona

Eric Djingarey's fursona, a young racoon named Anko (originally created as Mapachito in 1998), is a 3D designed character, whose evolutionary design since inception can be found at the WIP (Work In Progress) forum of the online magazine for French 3D artists, 3DVF.[2] (French only)

[edit] Video game design

Eric is currently on the process of creating a video game based on the concept and idea of Nintendo 64's Bomberman64, untitled Chibis Bomba,[3] with the hopeful intent to release it for the Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems, and the XBox 360 gaming platform.

[edit] References

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