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Epiphany (or Epiphany Fusion) is a furry based in Seattle, Washington, USA. She writes furry stories and articles.

Epiphany's fursona is a self-created species of feline, a slinky lynx. This species is identical to a lynx in every way except for three differences. The most noticeable is the slinky lynx's long tail that ends in a tuft, compared to the regular lynx's stumpy tail. Slinky lynxes also have less fluffy fur, and have more differentiation in their coloring.

Ephipany, in particular, has oak-brown coloring and black ear and tail tufts. Both of her ears are pierced several times with hoops and studs that differ in number and style.

Epiphany's own alter ego is Epiphany Fusion, and is simply the rave version of Epiphany's usual self. Her fur is white with electric blue tufts.

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