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Eos Astraios is a ring-tailed lemur fur created by artist and writer D.J. Holzhueter (born 1992). She is a fiction writer, most often fanfiction, and is a beginner anthro artist. She is occasionally on Second Life, under the name Espera Nikolaidis.


The character Eos is Greek and Japanese-American although her family originated from Madagascar.

Eos wears clothing ranging from cyber-punk to hippie-like to steampunk, and from time to time traditional Greek and Japanese clothing.

Eos's hair is naturally black with large chunked streaks of bright orange in it. Her eyes, like most lemurs, are a yellowish-orange. She has both of her ears pierced twice.

She can't stand to sit still, and her biggest pet peeve is the unruly nature of her tail which requires almost constant management.

Her name comes from the main two Greek gods of the sky, Eos being the goddess of the dawn while Astraios is the Titan god of dusk.

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