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Entei-rah Brekaythi, also known as Tesandco (born May 6, 1985),[1] is a furry who lives in Manchester, England.[1] He is an occasional furry artist and writer.

Entei-rah's fursona is a rabbit. His fur is mostly brown, with golden-brown on his chest, belly, and face. His hands and feet or white. Entei-rah also has a bushy fox-like tail which is brown and gold with a white tip. He has green eyes and pink-purple hair, and his right ear has an unexplained bite taken out of it.[2]

Entei-Rah has a great fondness for rabbits; in addition to having a rabbit fursona, he is a big fan of Watership Down, and is owner and maintainer of the   rabbiteering community on LiveJournal.


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