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The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices is a reference book written by Brenda Love, first published in 1992, and having since had various republications. The book describes a huge number of human sexual practices, many of which are either uncommon or regarded as taboo in many cultures. Many of the topics covered are related to paraphilia of various kinds. The book includes over 700 entries and 150 illustrations.

The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices is the only mainstream reference available on many of these topics. It has also been published in Spanish and French.

The book contains an entry on "Anthropomorphic cartoons". The entry reads:

"Anthropomorphism (anthropos: human, morphosis: change of form) means attributing human characteristics to other entities, particularly animals. The sexual aspect of anthropomorphism involves cartoon characters that are part animal, object, etc., and part human. These are portrayed in print as engaging in sexual activity with each other. One reason for the popularity of these cartoons in the United States and Europe is that, although it is illegal to depict humans in photographs of zoophilia, sadism, homosexuality or other activities, it is legal for cartoon characters to be shown engaging in these activities. Another advantage of using cartoons is that one is able to draw scenes that would be physically impossible for humans to perform. Two magazines featuring such cartoons are titled FurNography and FurVersion"[1]


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