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Encyclopædia Dramatica
Author(s) Owners: Garrett, e, Zaiger
Status Online
Launch date April 2011
Genre Satirical wiki
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Encyclopedia Dramatica (.es), formerly Encyclopedia Dramatica (.se) and Encyclopedia Dramatica (.ch), is an unofficial continuation of the original site, Encyclopædia Dramatica (.com). Encyclopediadramatica.se documents Internet memes and events with biting satire and heavy vulgarity.

It's content is an almost duplicate continuation of Encyclopædia Dramatica (.com)'s theme.


[edit] History

Encyclopedia Dramatica (.ch) was created by users and former administrators[1] displeased with the April 14, 2011 content gutting and redirect of encyclopediadramatica.com to ED.com previous owner Sherrod DeGrippo's new venture, Oh Internet.

[edit] Domain loss

In March of 2012, encyclopædiadramatica.ch suffered a brief downtime due to renewal complications with the domain registrars in Switzerland. While the database was secured, the site was not able to be accessed until encyclopediadramatica.se was purchased. Since then, encyclopædiadramatica.se is still working with the registrars to re-obtain the .ch domain.[2]

[edit] Offline and domain change

On September 13, 2013, encyclopædiadramatica.se went off-line,[citation needed][clarify] returning a few days later under it's prior Spanish based mirror domain, encyclopædiadramatica.es[3]

[edit] Controversy

[edit] Downtime

ED.ch went offline after the site's founder, Ryan Cleary, was arrested for supposed affiliation to LulzSec, the troll hacker group.[4] The forums were also down after being hacked by user savetheinternet[citation needed] in retaliation for a massive DDoS attack on the host his own site, 4chon.net;[5] $300 in donations were needed to revive them, which was raised within 24 hours.[6]

[edit] Personal information breach

On June 27, 2011, the ED.ch forums were hacked again, and the email addresses of every registered member were posted to Pastebin and published in a blog owned by Google and Wikipedia critic Daniel Brandt entitled Encyclopedia Dramatica: There is no Joseph Evers.

Photos and personal data of some of the more prominent users were also revealed (Doxed), particularly user Zaiger.[citation needed] Among other things, logs from the ED IRC channel that showed users in a negative light were posted.[citation needed]

[edit] Encyclopedia Dramatica and furry

The site contains almost all old ED.ch articles documenting the furry fandom and furry-related topics, along with new articles not at the old domain. The "FurFaggotry Portal"[7] was once maintained by EDitors[8] Equivamp and Notanalt. Currently the portal is maintained by administrator Schnookums.[9][10]

ED's current IRC channel is hosted by Lulz.net administrator cho0b.[citation needed]

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[edit] References

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