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Emmerich is a fursuiter who resides in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.


[edit] Fursona

When Emmerich was coming up with a fursona for himself, he realised that he had traits of more than one animal, so he combined his three favourites. Hence his fursona is a hybrid of cat, bat, and fox.

[edit] Fursuit

Emmerich's fursuit head and paws were made by Iko. His yarn-based tail was made by Bir.

[edit] Conventions

The first furry convention that Emmerich attended was Morphicon 2010. He had been attending Ohayocon (a convention focusing on Japanese pop culture) for three consecutive years prior to that, and since then has attended a handful of furmeets in the Columbus area.

He is on staff as Gopher Wrangler for the upcoming Furlaxation convention.

[edit] Other activities

Emmerich is one of the founders of Unknown Origin Investigations, a paranormal investigation team operating from Columbus. He co-founded the team with Thalyn Chatnoir.

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