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1000 Ways to Die is an American television series which recreates unusual deaths and near-deadly accidents (using pseudonyms for involved parties) and interviews experts and witnesses who discuss the subject matter in depth. It is shown on Spike and premiered in the Spring of 2008.

1000 Ways to Die and furry[edit]

The Season 2 episode, Death Over Easy, featured a segment entitled #412: Em-Bear-Assed, which covered an April 16, 2001 incident in the Mojave Desert near Palmdale, California.

The incident involved a man who wandered the desert under the influence of magic mushrooms in order to get in touch with his "inner dog", and had come across a group of furries engaged in sexual encounters around a campfire.

He tried to join into the orgy, but was rebuffed, and then mistook a nearby brown bear as a human participant; he was then mauled to death.


The segment was criticized by furries for having depicted furries in an oversexualized light.[1]


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