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Elliott's Live Events is the umbrella name for a group of events hosted by King Elliott Ingonyama the First. While not specifically Furry Events, they draw many members of the Furry Community. With guests from the Anime, Furry and Science Fiction Communities, these events have an eclectic crowd. These events feature an artists' lounge, a dance floor, a dinner, a headless lounge, outdoor activities, a series of movies, a video game arcade, and a welcoming social environment for furry fans and their friends. These events are open to all, with no age restriction and welcome both furry fans and their friends, however pre-registration is required.


His Majesty hosts three types of events: Royal Festivals, Castle Cotillions, and Local Events[citation needed].

The King's Royal Festivals[edit]

These events are His Majesty's largest functions. Held once a year (spring), they are hosted at a hotel in Central Florida, these are three days long and include special events (such as a private parties at Orlando's Wet 'n Wild water park) and concerts. These events have a charity component, being used to support various of King Elliott's Favorite Charities. In recognition of their role in building community, these events also include a space for artisans to display and sell their wares. Advance registration is required.

Elliott's Spring Gathering[edit]

The first Elliott's Spring Gathering was held 28 April, 2007. There were 130 attendees, with over 40 fursuits. King Elliott provided soft drinks and dinner for all his guests.

The second Elliott's Spring Gathering took place 9-11 May, 2008. This was a 3 day event, hosted at the Radisson World Gate Hotel. Rooms were available for $75 a night. In addition to the standard activities provided, King Elliott hosted a private party for his guests at Orlando's Wet 'n Wild water park on Friday, and a concert by Rosie Ledet and the Zydeco Playboys on Saturday evening. Over 20 Furry Artisans participated in Elliott's Spring Gathering's artists' and dealers' room, including: Art Decade, Cooner, Gideon, Kahmari, Koda, Likeshine, Marci McAdams, Meesh, Painted Dog, Redic Nomad, Seel, Silver Fenrir, Solid Asp, Spunky Wulf, The RGHU, among others.

Guests attended from all over the world with a group of 3 attending from Perth, Australia.

King Elliott announced that the Radisson World Gate will once again host Elliott's Spring Gathering, but this time will offer a room rate of $45 for the first 45 rooms and $60 a night for all others. Special activities for this event include another private party at Orlando's Wet 'n Wild water park and another at Kissimmee's Fun Spot USA (these activities are included with event registration). Elliott's Spring Gathering 2009 will take place 29-31 May, 2009. This year's event benefits Conservators' Center, Inc., a North Carolina Animal Rescue and Education foundation.

King Elliott's Spring Gathering will be held at the Radisson World Gate for the third year. Rooms are $60 a night. Conservator's Center, Inc. will once again be His Majesty's chosen charity. Special Events will again include: Go Karting and Miniature Golf (with lunch included) at Fun Spot USA on Friday, Breakfast on Sunday and a private party at Wet 'n Wild (including dinner). ESG 2010 will be held 21-23 May. The event is $15 in advance ($25 at the door) for all three days including all special events. Individual days are more expensive (King Elliott wishes to encourage participation by guests in the entire event and prices things accordingly).

"His Majesty, King Elliott Ingonyama the First of Naboombu wishes to announce that #ESG2013 will be held May 10-12, in Las Vegas, Nevada!"[1]

For more information see: Elliott's Spring Gathering

Elliott's Summer Celebration[edit]

Elliott's Summer Celebration 2007 was held 18 August 2007, starting at 2:00 PM Eastern Time. 188 guests attended from over 15 states, as well as Australia.[2] Over 50 fursuiters attended (quite a surprise given that it was held outdoors in August in Florida).

The second Elliott's Summer Celebration is scheduled for 9-10 August, 2008. Once again, this is event will take place over two days, and will include Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast.

The King's Castle Cotillions[edit]

While smaller than his Festivals, King Elliott's Castle Cotillions are still quite impressive. Held at his Castle in Central Florida, these take place every fall and winter. His Majesty provides a full gourmet lunch, dinner and breakfast, as well as a video arcade, dance floor with DJ, artists' lounge, and a headless lounge for fursuiting guests. While open to all, these are more targeted to guests in the local area. Advance registration is required.

Elliott's Winter Carnival[edit]

The first Elliott's Winter Carnival was held 13 January, 2007. There were 60 attendees, with over 20 fursuits. King Elliott provided soft drinks and dinner for all his guests.

The second Elliott's Winter Carnival was scheduled for 12-13 January 2008. As with Elliott's Fall Festival, the event took place over two days, and included three meals. In spite of bad weather, 198 guests attended.

The 2014 event was held over January 25-26.[3]

The 2015 event was held over January 31-February 1, and had over 350 registered attendees.[4]

The 2016 event was held over January 30-31, 2016.[5]

Elliott's Fall Festival[edit]

Elliott's Fall Festival was held on 20-21 October, 2007. With 151 guests from around the U.S., this two day party featured lunch and dinner cooked by Orlando's own Ty-yen as well as Volleyball, Badminton, Movies, an artists' lounge and a video arcade.

Smaller events[edit]

In addition to these longer, more formal events, His Majesty has hosted several smaller events. Unlike his four longer and more formal events, these have taken place at other conventions. King Elliott's Pizza in the Zoo took place on Sunday, 8 July 2007, providing pizza to around 200 Anthrocon 2007 attendees. King Elliott's Pizza Feast at Midwest Furfest 2007 served 85 of Chicagoland's famous Gino's pizzas to around 600 guests in the MFF con-suite. His Majesty has also hosted events at Comic Con, Fanime, Bay Con (one of the oldest Science Fiction Conventions) and many other conventions.


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