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One of ElectroPaw's con badges, made by Latin Vixen

ElectroPaw (sometimes called EP Wolf or just EP)(born January 13, 1986)[1] is an anthropomorphic gray wolf, with green on the top of his bushy tail, blue on his feet and hand paws. He also has blue eyes, as well as three different headfur colors (green, blue, or black), depending on his mood. His ears are also green.


Champ, ElectroPaw's secondary fursuit, made by Whiteyfawks of Arend Studios.

ElectroPaw is a fursuiter, owning eight fursuits:

  • ElectroPaw, his main fursuit, has version 1.0 made by ScribbleFox, and has version 1.5 mostly made by ElectroPaw, and a head made by Latin Vixen.
  • Champ, a bouncy and lovable Black Lab/German Shepherd dog, made by Arend Studios.
  • Flagstaff, a coyote, version 1.0 made by Kodi and version 2.0 made by LatinVixen.
  • Jazzy, a blue and yellow-striped skunk, mostly made by ElectroPaw, with the head made by Arend Studios. (Now owned by Rawkit Raccoon)
  • Scout, a Border Collie dog, mostly made by ElectroPaw, with the head made by Arend Studios.
  • Totem, a coyote, mostly made by ElectroPaw, with the head made by LatinVixen.
  • Hyper, a lynx, made by Sunny Valley Creations.

The ElectroPaw and Champ fursuits appeared as Subservients on episode 345 (August 26, 2007) of the Funday PawPet Show.[2]


As a pup he grew up in Peoria, Illinois, however since mid 2008 he has taken residence in the Southern Mississippi area.

In real life, his interests are in the Electronics field: as a hobby he is into ham radio, and has built up some experience in fursuit parts building. He is also involved in the Broadcast Engineering field.


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