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Electro Cat
Born 24 October 1987
Profession or hobby Artist
Character species Tigress

Electrocat is a Tigress artist and fursuiter resides in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This digital artist created her fame on a furry website by the name of Fur Affinity, a large famous furry artist site. After gaining a few commissions from the public she decided to created something to gain more additional funds and to improve her drawing ability. So she created the 100 Sketch Challenge, a challenge to draw 100 cheap commissions within a number of days.

Electrocat, among with many other furs, belong to a small but growing society called ZAFur. Her contribution to the community at present was to create the social responsible project by the means of funding the community in each state/province. This funding would go towards all furs in the community of South Africa in aid of Furmeets, Transport and needs within life.

She has a second male fursona character, a lion with a blue mane and blue accents named Rockat Electrocat (Rocky for short), who sings and plays lead guitar for the furry rock band PURR (Power Unlimited Rock and Roll).

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