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Author(s) Nashoba Hostina
Update schedule Wednesdays
Launch date January 18, 2009[1]
End Date Continuing
Genre Urban fantasy, werewolves
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Eldritch is an "urban fantasy" webcomic by Nashoba Hostina (aka Shawna Garrity).[2]


Eldritch focuses on the strange events in the life of Faith, a lycanthrope trying to learn the ropes, and her pack of unusual friends:[2]

  • Maggie, a self-proclaimed "Crowtengu".
  • Dylan, a developing coyote spirit guide.
  • Todd, a Bzou (or fairytale wolf).
  • Seamus, a mysterious individual.
  • Gaoth, one of the fae folk who is not only the local "Oberon", but also owner of the paranormal bar and nightclub The Layline.

Behind the scenes[edit]

Eldritch was created by Nashoba as a means of tying together, into a cohesive whole, many of the characters and concepts in her head.[2] The comic project itself was started while she was earning her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, and she has continued it though the completion of her degree. However, many of the characters and concepts of Eldritch were conceived of long before the actual start of the comic.


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