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Toranirov Jiroearvis Eikaridu (born 1987) is a furry who lives in Australia. His fursona is a shapeshifter which takes the form of a kangaroo, dragon, badger, badgeroo, hippo, and dragippo.[1]

His interests are gaming, classic gaming, and Trickster Online, an MMORPG which he tends to play a lot of, and can sometimes be seen playing in the Fantasia Server, as a Raccoon by the name of Eikaridu. He also likes game series like Pokemon, Zelda and Metroid. His favorite Pokemon as of late, are Walrein and Slowking.

Although a fat fur with a fair number of fetishes (vore and male pregnancy included), he doesn't express the same level of interest or enthusiasm as most others do for some of the more typical parts of furdom, such as artwork (fetish or otherwise).

Eikaridu is also a big time gamer, having a large interest in retro gaming, as well as some RPG games, involving character development, and has tried many MMORPGs, Rappelz, FLYFF, Maple Story, to name a few to quench his thirst. Currently, he is interested in Mythos, which he sometimes spends some of his time on.

His favorite Anime series is Ghost in the Shell : Stand Alone Complex.


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