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Eeve3 is a UKFur who spends half of her time in the north of the United Kingdom , and the other half down south, studying for a degree in illustration. It took her a while to jump fully into the furry fandom once discovering it, but after hanging around the HantsFurs she finally settled in.


The name started off loosely based from the Pokémon, adopted as a handle to use as a request artist (those days long since gone). The actual character has since evolved into a generic cat-thing, as seen in her Fur Affinity gallery.

TigerTails Radio[edit]

Eeve3 started making herself known in the greater furry community via the UKFur forum, and the Internet radio show TigerTails Radio. She joined the cast and crew on Episode #07 of Season 3 (hating the sound of her own voice when she listened to the archive), and soon became a regular cast member.

Being the token female, Eeve3 has had the odd reference to her boobs mentioned on the show — and has frequently offered to display them to the web cams... for the appropriate fee, of course.

On 16 May 2011, Eeve3 took part in the TigerTails Radio Comic Relief Gunge-a-thon 3, where she was gunged in red BBC style gunge by Werewolfe. She also took control over the job of Gunge Co-Ordinator when the official one had to depart for the night. Tasks included mixing the gunge, and ensuring the correct person received the correct bucket. She also dealt out some gunge, getting revenge on Werewolfe in the process.

Games and recreation[edit]

While Eeve3 isn't known for her gaming, she does play a wide selection of games. When in the arcades she will play the European releases of Dance Dance Revolution (Dancing Stage), as well as Soul Calibur 2, and sometimes even Sega's The House Of The Dead.

Her laptop contains a large Stepmania build, and Touhou (a scrolling shooter), which she plays while shirking off and avoiding her homework.

Though infrequent, she also enjoys indulging in a spot of Powerbocking, with good intentions to be able to do more than walk. Possibly involving fursuit building.

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