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Eevachu art badge

Eevachu (born February 20, 1992), is an artist and fursuiter from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Eevachu has a Bachelor of Arts in Animation[1] from Sheridan College.[2] She has worked as a freelance artist since 2006.[3]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Eevachu was a Guest of Honour at the 2015 convention, Condition: Wasteland,[4] alongside furry artist Caltroplay in August 2013,[5] and Guest of Honour at Camp Feral! alongside Edge in August 2015.[6]

She has attended over 50 conventions, many of which in the dealer's den.[7]


Eevachu's fursona is a shapeshifter, but is most commonly presented as a golden lion tamarin/polar bear hybrid.


Eevachu won her fursuit at the Condition: Red fursuit raffle.[8] The fursuit itself was made by Frostscar.[9]


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