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Eeiauoan is a feline race starring in the Star Trek novel Uhura's Song. The race originates from the planet Sivao, where it originally constituted a single race with Sivaoan, but had to part ways with their ancestors approximately 2,000 years ago. That event is reflected in the name of the race itself, as Eeiauoan means outcast in their native language.

Eeiauoan are the same biologically as Sivaoan and can crossbreed. Dr. McCoy describes Eeiauoans as 'overgrown housecats'. Eeiauoans have retractable claws and prehensile tails, but consider the use of their tails bad manners. However, their natural hunting abilities are diminished due to a long history of city dwelling. There are other cultural differences between Eeiauoans and Sivaoans: Eeiauoans have developed systems of writing and record-keeping, whereas Sivaoans have none. Sivaoans are also polygamous, Eeiauoans presumably are not.

Eeiauoans are succeptable to a potentially fatal disease ADF syndrome, also known as The Long Death or Noisy-Baby, native to their homeworld. The corresponding medicine stems from a plant growing on Sivao, so Eeiauoans were essentially left completely vulnerable to the disease after they abandoned their homeworld.

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