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Edward Fuzzypaws (1.0)
Edward Fuzzpaws (2.0)

Edward Fuzzypaws, also known as The Mushman (born September 3),[1] is a female artist, writer, fursuiter, and professional animator who lives in the United Kingdom.[2]


Edward graduated from Arts University Bournemouth with a Bachelor's Degree in Animation Production, and from Bournemouth University with a Master's degree in Computer Animation.[2]

Her previous employers have included Nick Jr[1] and Coolabi.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Edward attends the London Furmeets with other local furs, as well as working as an online furry character artist.


Her fursona is a male poodle.[3]


Edward is an active fursuit performer, particularly while attending the London Furmeets. She owns two fursuits with similiar appearances and identical markings/colour. The first is a realistic full suit, and the second a toony full suit made by Mischief Makers.


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