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Echo Tiger

Echo Tiger (real name: Echo Greene), is a programer, artist and fursuiter.


Echo Tiger has always loved creating programs, and even going on a limb to create bots that created programs for him. While he's not creating programs, he's creating graphical designs, drawing, or making music.

With a vibrant mix of violins, pianos, and a few non-genre beats/music, Echo's music is played live through numerous clubs and public events. A small-time fursuiter with his mate Azuyre, Echo is a hyper person in reality, but if you met him online you'd never guess it due to his dull cyber-personality.

This following section need reference, rewording or both (Echo's brushes with 'government intruding' isn't occasional. The last court case "Echo VS North Carolina"[citation needed] was exposed because of a website he'd created violated a government server. Little did the government know, they where also violating a law by going onto Echo's website due to an agreement which is accepted upon visiting the website, which turned the case upside down causing Echo to be not guilty. A few months after, Echo was accused of other violations regarding creating viruses, he was later interrogated by district 10 of North Carolina but was let off the hook for proving he hadn't executed the viruses he'd created inside the U.G.F.)

Association with Bossland GmbH[edit]

Echo has been recently working with Bossland GmbH, a Germany based company that creates bots for popular games. He works a developer for both Wildbuddy and Honorbuddy - one of the biggest bots for the popular MMO World of Warcraft.

U.G.F (Underground Furries)[edit]

The U.G.F Media logo

The U.G.F was first created because of the term "fandom offensive." The motive that started the engine that is U.G.F was the Youtube Wars event.[citation needed] U.G.F. itself isn't popular across the fandom or the internet because of its anonymity, so because of this, most furries would never believe in U.G.F's purpose, and most would insult the whole system out of arrogance and disbelief but no matter what U.G.F still lives and still operates.

The first viruses created in U.G.F where simple .bat execution files that disabled U.A.C on the computer in order to process commands which rendered the computer useless. After progression, U.G.F later became familiar with new forms of code, and new techniques such as burying viruses inside images.

Echo and U.G.F[edit]

Echo got his name from the numerous programs he's created throughout his "cyber-life." At the age of ten, he crafted the infrastructure known as U.G.F, and at the time it was simply named BSMx93 Networks.

As the years progressed, BSMx93 Networks expanded into a mass network with various "wings" each wing focused on a different form of programming. Once BSMx93 Networks changed into what is now U.G.F, the wings spread even further.

Echo had opened up the infrastructure with more hobby based focus. Such as "Programming Wing", "Hacking Wing", "Artist Wing", "Communication Wing", etc. With such a mass network, he needed protection for it, so he coded a 'warden' program with Artificial Intelligence that ran off of CleverBot technology. This warden later was named Cookie, Cookie used virus databases from the top ten popular databases, plus had a mind of it's own to detect customized viruses such as DLL injection, or LoIC attacks.

Echo's main focus was "making life easier" for his friends, by creating hacks for games they played. Or making bots that did tasks for them. Most of these hacks and bots are availible for download off the Underground network database which isn't accessible to the public

Joining U.G.F[edit]

Many say that no one either gets into the U.G.F or leaves. If new members are needed into the project the requirements are:

  • You have to know a U.G.F alpha member for over a year.
  • You have to take several tests including answering background questions and programming - scripting questions.

Once all the tests are passed and you've entered the U.G.F you are known as a "Epsilon". Epsilons do not actually get to see the U.G.F servers or networks, but are provided tools to defend their selves against internet attacks and tools to fight back. Anything beyond a "Epsilon" has not been released to the public, and will remain anonymous.

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