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Art of EarthFurst's fursona. Art by Neph.

EarthFurst, also known as EarthFur, is a male furry fan who lives in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His official furname is EarthFurst, but considers EarthFur to be a friendlier name, and so uses it for IRC and some socializing.

EarthFurst's fursona is a yellow Labrador Retriever.

EarthFurst was introduced to furry fandom art via a Factsheet Five review of a Gordon Spurlock comic book in the mid-1990s. He joined vfur in 1999. He has been to various VancouFurs and Howloweens.

EarthFurst often contributes to WikiFur and was promoted to administrator status (later known as curator status) on 16 December 2006. He is also editor of the Open Directory's furry convention category.[1]

EarthFurst is a vegetarian and visits the #FurryVeg IRC channel. His hobbies include reading comic books and webcomics.


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