Eagle Furdance

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Eagle Furdance (EFD)
Aarau, Aargau, Switzerland
Status Ongoing
First iteration 2014
Subject Furdance

Eagle Furdance, or just EFD, is a dance event organized by the Swiss furry fandom.

EFD offers a dance party on a large premise, central location, good atmosphere, first-class cocktails and snacks. In addition to a fursuit friendly dance floor, the EFD also offers a Fursuit Lounge and even a Chill Out Lounge with bowling alley.


It takes place in the Disco Metropol in the Tellizentrum Aarau. The food and snacks are provided by an electronic payment system. The Disco Metropol is located just below the large Tellizentrum Aarau, and is therefore ideally connected with parking and public transport.

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